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Broj poruka : 82
Datum upisa : 02.06.2009

PočaljiNaslov: RAYMAN ARENA   Sre Jun 03, 2009 1:26 pm

This is the first multiplayer game in the Rayman series. It's
no jump and run as the other Rayman franchises were - here, you race
against your friend or battle him in the arena. These battles are of
course child-friendly - you must collect five glowing spheres before
the other player does.
Go at it in mind-bending races courses, or
square off head to head in the battle arena. Use your speed in 12 race
courses where you must take risks, use tricks, and trip up your
opponents as you run, slide, climb, and helicopter for the checkered
flag. You can freeze the other player for a few seconds by shooting him
with an ice beam.
For these battles, 12 different maps are included.
Knockout your opponent with power-ups, traps, and special ammo, and
four-player action - splitscreen on consoles, over the internet on PC.
can unlock rewards such as bonus levels, additional modes, character
skins, and new characters by beating the best times and highest scores

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